Gear Rentals

Need to rent a legit sea kayak for the symposium?

Connect with Michael Gray at Uncommon Adventures.  He has the following boats available on a first come first paddling basis.

Glass boats, Full symposium price $120, with skirt, paddle, pfd
*Explorer (1)
*Explorer LV (2)
*Romany (1)
Plastic boats available ($90), skirt, paddle, pfd
*Tempest 170
*Boreal Baffin P-1 (100-150lbs person)…petite boat
*Baffin P-2…bit bigger up to about 200lbs
*Dagger Stratos S (2)
*Dagger Stratos L (2)
*Delphin 150 (1)
*Alchemy (both S and L, 1 each)
Michael Gray
Uncommon Adventures
PO Box 254
Beulah, MI 49617
231 882 5525

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