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July 17 - 21, 2024

"This place will change your life"




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Our goal is not to guide you around Pictured Rocks (I think Uncle Ducky’s has that cornered), we want to provide you with the skills and humility…which is the power of self-knowledge… to do that yourself. Having said that, we may as well learn and discover those things paddling around Pictured Rocks!
Note on challenge levels. While the titles are based on “water” conditions should not dictate your honest self-assessment of your abilities.  The groups will use the environment and conditions to foster growth and skills needed to success in each challenge level. 
Check-in begins at 6:00 pm in the Community Center. Street taco dinner followed by sorting our gear and rentals.
We will ALL play together in Grand Marais.   The morning we’ll paddle in randomly selected groups exploring the harbor while providing the info for you to make an informed choice as to what challenge level you want for the rest of the symposium.  Think of the challenge levels as where you’ll be best able to reach your goals for the weekend.  You can read more about the challenge levels and how pods are formed.  You’ll work with your team and coaches to help reflect with an honest self-assessment. 
During lunch, we’ll form the pods for the rest of the weekend. 

After lunch, we’ll have demo boats on the beach for you to explore. We’ll assign pods based on challenge levels and introduce you to your coaches. In the afternoon you’ll paddle in your pod and refine rescues and come up with a plan for the following day. Every group will explore rescues together as you build pod connectivity (plan to be in the water)


Dinner is on your own tonight, there a few options locally. We’ll enjoy informal sunset paddle for those who want to get back on the water or you can walk out on the breakwall and enjoy the sunset from land. 
These days we’ll be in our pods. On both days you’ll have your liaison coach plus a different coach each day.
Destinations for your pod can be locally in and around Grand Marais Harbor, or to Pictured Rocks and Grand Island.  You’ll work with your pod to set goals for learning and development and work together in beautiful locations to grow as paddlers. Each pod will the the opportunity to choose to go into the Picture Rocks National Lakeshore one of these days and you’ll stay local the other day. 
Friday dinner is the best local fish fry and Saturday we’ll wrap with the best pasty’s in the UP (we think so anyway).  
We will be offering half-day classes on Sunday. You will be able to sign up for these sessions on Saturday night. Some sessions could include One-on-one coaching sessions, rolling, Personal Video Analysis, SUP, and Paddling for FUN. We intentionally ask for feedback from coaches and participants on what they’d like to explore on Sunday. 
Check out the great lineup of coaches you will have the opportunity to work with.
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