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“This place will change your life”

July 14-18, 2021

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Van Braatz

Paddling Bio

The first time i really noticed a kayak was on a guided rafting trip over 20 years ago in Pennsylvania. I was intrigued by the skill and maneuverability of the guides in kayaks, but had no idea how to go about learning or doing it myself, especially once i got back home to mid-michigan. Then in 2010 I found a local kayak instructor and took his river class, after “graduating” they dragged me a long on several white water trips and introduced me to sea kayaking as well. I was later introduced to rough water sea kayaking and kayak surfing by others i met in the paddling community and found there is every bit of excitement to be had in a sea kayak as a white water kayak.


BCU L1 coach
BCU 3 star
ACA L4 skills river and coastal kayaking
ACA L3 instructor river and coastal

Who am I?

I volunteered as a qualified assistant for my first couple years of paddling and one of my mentors invited me to join a white water development workshop he was organizing, and that began my journey into kayak instruction. I thoroughly enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others and hearing about what they have learned from other instructors and paddlers and trying it out with my own paddling, there is always a better, safer, and more efficient way to perform a skill and they only way to find it is to keep an open mind.

My GLSKS Story

I attended as a participant in 2013 and fell in love with the event, the people, the coaches and the town. I’ve since been invited to coach 3 times and hope it can be a part of my paddling schedule for many years to come.


Youtube Video


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