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“This place will change your life”

July 15-19, 2020

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Dave Olson


Paddling Bio


The first time I sat in a sea kayak was in 1997 in a Perception Eclipse on Lake Superior at a Trek & Trail safety course.  I promptly went over 100 yards from shore.  That fall I bought a used CD Storm from them, discovered the Greenland stick, and proceeded to paddle, island camp, and attend seminars.  British boats were discovered and came and went and I took my L3 instructor training as well as Wilderness First Aid, and have been coaching at symposia ever since.  I especially enjoy guide training at Trek & Trail, working with Sam Crowley and the crew to turn young folks, some of whom who sat in a sea kayak for the first time a couple days before, into competent and proficient paddlers and trip leaders. I am a long time participant in the premier fresh water sea kayak event, the Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium. It is still my favorite.