This document will continue to be updated and evolve as conditions and
guidance warrants. “Response” refers to actions taken based on available
guidance. “Plan” refers to ongoing actions implemented to operate within CDC,
State and Industry guidance.
Our objective is to operate in an open, transparent manner that respects our
Staff, Clients and Community while still functioning as a business where

3/6 – 5/6 2020
– Postponed International travel until further notice (step taken prior to
– Postponed all pool sessions
– All domestic programming postponed
– Retail store closed. Deep cleaning and disinfecting
– Staff meeting to develop actions and protocols moving forward
– Designated Scott Fairty as a critical employee
– Regular cleaning and disinfecting of all contact points in shop
– 3 Step Health screening and reporting for any employee to employee in
person interactions
– Cancelled all remaining pool sessions
– Proactive lines of communication with participants of scheduled
programs. Valuing and weighing all concerns brought forward.
– Started curbside pickup with PPE available for staff and clients
– Tissue, no touch trash receptacles sanitizer and frequent cleaning
disinfecting of contact points inside and outside of the store
– CDC based signage posted in store
– Continued participation and collaboration in webinars and remote
meetings to understand the responsible way forward with SBAM, ACA,

– Follow CDC, State and Local guidance to the best of our abilities
– Continue to evolve and manage our ongoing response
– 4 Step Health screening (temp, symptoms, exposure and travel) for ALL
participants prior to courses
– No attendance by any sick staff or participant regardless of sickness, to
store or course
– No shared gear during programs
– Social distancing guidelines to the degree possible throughout all
– Class sizes reduced to 6 – includes students, coaches and assistants
– Regular cleaning and disinfecting of all common areas, touch points and
hard surfaces throughout outdoor courses and when store operations
– Facial coverings required indoors and where SD is not possible
– Flexible return policy clearly posted throughout website and registration
– Mandatory acknowledgements of the risks and mitigation strategies
regarding communicable disease prior to and at the beginning of all
– Continued further education and participation in CDC, Industry and SBA
C19 learning opportunities
– Sanitizer, gloves, face coverings available for all participants
– Testing when and if available
– Lodging: Groups limited to 10 with private sleeping areas, 3-1 bathroom
ratios, isolated food prep and scheduled multiple times a day cleaning
and disinfecting of shared lodging. On water class still limited to 6 total
– Shuttles: Driver and 1 passenger, windows open, front and back seating,
facial covering, vehicle touch points disinfected before and after each
– 24 hour pre-clean and disinfecting of all lodging prior to client arrival
– Operating courses in environments well within our Staff’s comfort zone
– Development of “Coaching in the era of Social Distancing workshop and
course. Required for staff.
– Continued daily evaluation and analysis of our programs and protocols

Trey Rouss – Owner