GLSKS is proud to present Chris Hipgrave and his presentation of the Antarctic Peninsula for 2018!

Antarctic Peninsula Trip:
In 2016 Chris undertook an adventure of a lifetime, literally. When he was a boy growing up in the UK, he had a front row seat at the Telly watching British troops investigate and reclaim Falkland Islands and was captivated by the rugged beauty of the place. More than 4 decades later he found himself exploring the seas and shores himself from the cockpit of his kayak. Join Chris for his Antarctic Peninsula slide show as he takes us with him on his 6 week journey.

“Introduced to kayaking while at school, the sport opened my eyes to a World of competition and exploration. That wonder and excitement is still burning stronger than ever today. Fueled by a passion for all things paddle-sports, I’ve competed through out the World in a wide variety of disciplines and explored from the snow capped Bhutanese Himalayas, to South America, Europe, Asia, Australasia and the Antarctic Peninsula, but will always find my way back home to the intimate beauty of North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains.
Get out and explore your World. It’s smaller than you think and more incredible than you could ever imagine.” – Chris Hipgrave

Chris is a sponsored paddler for Pyranha kayaks, P&H Kayaks, Epic Kayaks, Kokatat, and Werner Paddles. You can keep up with the adventures and deeds of Chris by visiting his webpage a